Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Playa del Platinum

I just got a mani pedi and I have found my new favorite color. Playa del Platinum from Essie's 2010 Resort Collection is a subtle grey that resembles cement before it dries. I love the soft neutral color on my fingers and toes, as it's still edgy in all its matte glory. I have already decided I will be wearing this color all summer long.


  1. I love this color, I am trying to track it down!

    And might I ask, where your sandals are from? Adorable!

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    This color is so hard to track down! I couldn't even find it on their website, but I saw online that it's part of their 2010 resort collection.

    My sandals are Nine West!


  3. Thanks! Still looking for that polish, ha

  4. I have been searching for the platinum too for so long! Where did you find it!!!!



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