Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can you tell the difference?

I've been a long time fan of Alexander Wang's Natasha pump. For a while, they were no where to be found. I see that Barney's has restocked their supply, but I also noticed that Aldo has done a dangerously close variation of the coveted shoe.
While in my opinion, the Natasha pump has more style and charm than Aldo's version, I'm leaning towards the $80 copy to satisfy my craving.

Alexander Wang "Natasha Pump" $540

Aldo "Stalcup Pump" $80


  1. It's a pretty good imitation o the Wang... But still prefer the alligator leather of the Natasha Pump! However, shopping on a budget and getting the things you want means comprimising, but I'd say the Aldo is a dang good alternative! Ele from BORO x

  2. ahhh tough call! I think what makes the Natasha Pump so special is the texture of the material...

  3. I do love the alligator leather of the natasha pump, but the Aldo totally gives you the exact same shape!! Get the Aldo pumps :) XO

  4. To be honest, I love the Aldo pump even more.
    It's gorgeous. I want them. Please?

  5. The Aldo is good, but the Natasha is great.x

  6. Wow, those Aldo pumps are amazing!!! I might need to go get a pair. How's your new Marc Jacobs garden dress? I totally know what you mean about having a "summer uniform". I have certain outfits that I call my uniform and LIVE in them all summer long. I hope you've found yours in your new dress!


  7. The Alexander Wangs are beaauuu-tiful, but with such a savings and a small difference in appearance, the Aldo ones are a great sub :)


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