Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Shopping Guide {Part One}

If you are anything like me, your closest friends and family members have birthdays that book-end the holidays. Luckily, I thrive on holiday shopping and have the time to plan early. I started my shopping this weekend and to my surprise, found gifts for almost half the people on my list, leaving only my husband, girlfriends, and the women in my family to shop for. I've been comprising a shopping list for over a month now, but here are some items that are sure to be purchased (some already have) and wrapped before December 1st. Let the shopping begin....

Shopping Guide

1. C.O. Bigelow Mentha lip gloss, $8
2. Henri Bendel Chocolate Gift Box, $20
3. Christie Martin 14k gold plated initial pendant, $58
4. Crystal Skull Vodka, $50
5. Silk Pashmina $50
6. GAP pom pom slippers, $25
7. Anthropologie Peacock Crest Jewelry box $28
8. Essie "Smokin' Hot", $8
9. Sabon "Fig Coco" Body Scrub $30
10. Anthropologie glass perfume bottle, $38
11. Tory Burch printed pajama set, $125
12. Karl Donoghue Toscana Fur and Suede ear muffs, $145


  1. okay, I am completely in love with those ear muffs! What are they made of at that price point, must be something fabulous!!!

    Thanks for the ideas and I really need to make a list as I am collecting all these great gift ideas!


  2. I really want that Vodka bottle! And NOT for the vodka ; )

  3. I am DYING to have that necklace, would love it in my Married name...I am still all things M! And any girl LOVE new nail polish!!!

    I found that vodka bottle in a magazine the other the day, the Hubs spied it and said we needed it to!

  4. @Marie, I found the same skull decanter on Amazon also!

  5. i love it! please keep the lists coming...i need help!


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this list!!! I'm sure you won't be surprised my eyes went right to #9 :)
    Hope we get to shop together soon!! MISS YOU XO

  7. The Anthro jewelry box is gorgeous!

    I have a $100 Shopbop giveaway up today with lots of possible entries! Enter if you'd like!

  8. Love the pendant!! And anything Essie!

  9. I love that initial necklace -- absolutely STUNNING!
    xo Josie

  10. I love those Gap slippers (so cute with the pompom!) and that Tory Burch PJ set. These are sadorable picks, thanks so much for sharing! :)

  11. #3 is genius! What a great price too. And I saw your twitter yesterday on "smokin hot" and am now MUST have it. Thanks for the great list! I have lots of family birthdays in December and January too, so I always try to start early.


  12. I've been doing the same exact thing! And C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine is the best gloss in the world. I actually worked there {Bath & Body Works} and developed an earlier rendition of the formula. All these years later I'm still addicted to it and have at least three tubes within arms reach at all times :) Do you like the formula?

    And I still have to try Smokin Hot. Looks perfect to me :)

    Happy Tuesday, sweetie!

  13. Oh yay I'm so happy you love it!!! It's so funny because I worked for BBW, the parent company years ago and I worked on their cosmetic line. I developed the lip shine to launch as part of that line but we ended up discontinuing the color cosmetic line and never launched it. I was so addicted to it so I made my way through all my lab standards and any extra bulk that I had laying around.

    I ended up leaving BBW and years later I had dinner with an old coworker of mine who still worked at the company and I took out the Bigelow gloss and she said you know where that formula comes from right? And that's how I found out that they ended up launching the formula under Bigelow. Funny story. And I get why I'm still addicted to it to this day probably 8 or 9 years later. LOL :)

  14. LOVE your picks! That Essie color is perfect, and that Anthro peacock jewelry box is stunning!

  15. Nikki I love this freaking list!! So many good things on it...and your technology skills have me very happy, too :)

    Now about that skull...with or without the vodka - PLEASE!


  16. Great picks! I too started this weekend!

  17. The pj's and the slippers are literally so perfect for gifts! I'm loving all of your picks...

  18. Love the gift guide-perfect to get some ideas and a head start on the shopping. I think my favorite is the TB pajama set. My mom would love this. I am bookmarking this for sure. And that pendant is too cute (and great price!)
    Nice selections :)

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE these gifts!! Some of them are on my long shopping list as well!!! I have the little perfume bottle that's the one that exploded my "special oil" all over my vanity! lol I fixed it though! love it! xoxo M

  20. That crystal skull vodka is pretty awesome!!

  21. Perfect gift guide!!!
    I think I might put those earmuffs on my list :)



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