Monday, May 9, 2011

Citrus Summer

The beautiful weather we have been experiencing the last few days has been totally inspiring to me. I'm spending as much time outdoors as possible, and purchasing cute summer essentials along the way.

These are some of my favorites, all in the boldest of citrusy hues.


1. Jonathan Adler Enamel Brackets Frame, $68
6. Essie "Bright Tights" Polish, $8
7. Canvas Tote, $10



  1. Kate Spade has the best iphone cases :)
    Enjoy your week!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  2. Oh my gosh, this list is TOO fun!!! I love EVERYTHING! makes me want to go buy orange things immediately :) Love you! XO

  3. I'm obsessed with that Topshop skirt -- so pretty -- and that gorgeous Essie shade!
    xo Josie

  4. Nikki-This is seriously too good! I have that picture frame in green and LOVE it!!!!! and how cute is that skirt. It would look amazing with a blue top.

  5. Nikki!! This is the best way to start a Monday - bright and cheery. The skirt is wonderful and I wanna try that Essie shade!!


  6. please send them ALL to ME!!!

  7. Omg. That little owl cookie jar is adorable! How fun would that be to open as a gift?!

  8. Love love love all of this orange, gorgeous! Happy to have found your blog, newest follower

  9. So pretty I love the two tone necklace :D

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Thanks for your lovely thoughts xx Nikki

With Love, Nikki