Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Blues

While I love and stay committed to all my handbags, at times they are not the easiest to tote.
My LV 40 Speedy is down right huge, and leaves indents in my arm every time I carry it. My YSL Muse is a bit heavy on the shoulder before I even start adding my "essentials." My Nightingale is currently my most flexible bag, but even when using the shoulder strap, the body becomes a bit bulky.
So I decided I'm in the market for a new, versatile, easy to wear bag.
I'm eyeing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Q Hiller as my first choice, in the lovely chambray colored leather.
Any opinions?


  1. I hear you Nikki! These day's I've been sporting my Rebecca Minkoff Clutch (actually with a crossover body strap) almost everyday for it's sheer convenience and to relieve my shoulders. Any crossover body bag is tops in my book! Happy Friday!

    xx Vivian @

  2. Love anything Marc Jacobs and/or blue! It's a great bag.

    Anna Jane

  3. Oh, it's beautiful. I love that color blue and it would be so easy on the shoulders! I'm a huge fan of this.


  4. That is a great bag. I love the color. Another brand to check out that I love is Furla.

    Have a great weekend,

  5. that bag is super super gorgeous, the blue is a really great shade!

  6. buy it!! bought this exact beautiful marc in a raspberry color last year to use all spring/summer, and I.LOVE.IT!

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Thanks for your lovely thoughts xx Nikki

With Love, Nikki